Public House

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

My Boulder, CO apartment is lively. We're a close group of friends that spend the majority of our time together. 

Our routines of coming and going won't always be the same, so I wrote a whole day down!

Entries for Apartment 409 on Tuesday, 03/23/2021:

05:46am - Hunter proceeds to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.
05:56am - Disturbance, as a calphalon pan is dropped on the floor of the kitchen.
06:20am - Hunter finishes breakfast.
06:22am - Smoke. Patio is 30�. Streaks of snow dimly light the ghostly mountains.
06:34am - Andrew and Annie wake up.
06:39am - Hunter brews coffee noisily, then sips it at his desk.
06:59am - Sunrise.
07:07am - Muffled conversation (interspersed with giggles) coming from Andrew's room.
07:14am - Hunter lightly plays Samurai Champloo's lo-fi soundtrack.
07:19am - Andrew exits his room and heads to the patio. The temperature is now 32 degrees F.
07:27am - Hunter and Andrew chat about dinner, and the splendor of the mountains.
07:29am - NYSE: Opening Bell @ 9:30 AM EDT
07:45am - Dogs: Oakley trips as she and Shasta storm downstairs.
07:49am - Wyatt starts Matt Cors' live YouTube daytrading stream in the living room.
08:18am - Hunter pours himself a second cup of coffee.
08:19am - Wyatt prepares a morning dab.
08:21am - A thin veil of sunlit smoke spirals through the living room.
08:22am - Annie heads to the living room to work from her iPad. 
08:31am - Emily comes downstairs, dressed. 
08:32am - Emily and Wyatt hook the dogs to harnesses and head down to the parking lot.
08:44am - Emily, Wyatt, and the dogs return to the apartment.
08:46am - Wyatt prepares breakfast.
08:48am - Harrison calls Wyatt to talk about $GME
08:56am - Hunter, Wyatt, and Harrison talk finances over the phone in the kitchen.
09:00am - Harrison announces he'll be at Apartment 409 ten minutes later.
09:10am - Harrison arrives at the apartment.
09:14am - Annie leaves the apartment for the day.
09:18am - First serve: Wyatt serves bacon, eggs, and biscuits to Emily and Harrison.
09:45am - Andrew reluctantly leaves the apartment for work.
09:54am - A lively discussion about stocks and savings takes place in the living room.
10:06am - Andrew texts Hunter to meet for lunch at 11.
10:30am - Emily departs apartment to go to work. Dogs become docile and upset.
10:55am - Hunter departs to meet Andrew for lunch.
11:13am - Harrison frustratedly weighs the consequences of an (unjust) SEC infraction.
11:28am - Hunter and Andrew return to Apartment 409. 
11:29am - Andrew pours a cold, hazy ale. It glows like a pale orange.
11:47am - Andrew leaves the apartment to return to work. Second half.
11:57am - Third smoke: Smoke drifts into the mountain air as Hunter rips a bowl.
01:00pm - NYSE: Power Hour
02:07pm - Harrison leaves Apartment 409 to run errands.
02:26pm - Wyatt escorts dogs downstairs to meet Emily as she returns. 
02:27pm - The full party of Emily, dogs, and Wyatt arrives back upstairs.
02:45pm - Emily resumes her dutiful studies on FaceTime with friends and tutors.
02:59pm - NYSE: Closing Bell
03:20pm - Hunter, off work, leaves the apartment to gather dinner supplies.
03:57pm - Hunter returns to the apartment. Ingredients are placed in the fridge.
04:45pm - Dinner prep begins: chicken made into "Chicken Jalapeno Popper Casserole"
05:16pm - Casserole ready for the oven.
06:28pm - Harrison returns to the apartment with rolling papers.
07:16pm - Sunset.
07:28pm - Casserole is placed into the oven at 350�.
08:00pm - Andrew returns from work after the dealership closes 30 minutes late.
08:12pm - Emily, Wyatt, Hunter, and Harrison greet Annie as she arrives.
08:23pm - Dinner is served. "Chopped" is screened, followed by "South Park."
08:40pm - Drink is drank, weed is smoked. Chatting over the TV ensues.
09:01pm - Goodnight: Harrison departs apartment 409 for the rest of the evening.
09:29pm - Goodnight: Emily, Wyatt. Dogs head back upstairs.
09:42pm - Goodnight: Annie and Andrew.
10:02pm - Lights are turned out, and the living room is straightened up in the dark.
10:13pm - Goodnight: Hunter.