My name is Hunter

I’m a self-taught programmer from Austin, Texas. I love how fun my hobby is, and I’m aiming to turn it into a professional career.

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My Projects

These are some of my amateur projects! These are, in hipster-speak, “crafted” by me.

If you’d like to see my ‘hidden’ projects, which often contain a bit more depth, please get in touch with me!



C# library to start and maintain a SHOUTcast source connection.


Whirlpool  Emulator

A server built specifically to emulate the beloved, now-closed, massively-multiplayer online game Spineworld.


An ActionScript 3 engine to develop multiplayer, dimetric,

online games for Flash.

Contact  Me

I’d love to hear from you. Whether you are interested in working with me, need help with one of my projects, or just want to chat, I’ll make time to converse. Use the below email or one of my social buttons to get in touch.